I had a lot of fun co-producing Fiona Dawn’s EP with Drew Mitchell. We met last summer when she came down for a tour. We sat and talked about her project and listened to some of my work at Earwig. She liked a lot of what she heard and wanted to infuse her music with the kind of sounds coming out of the studio. She got to work finishing her songs. I also recommended that she team up with my assistant engineer, Drew Mitchell. He is great at making beats and is also a killer bass player. Drew became part of the team and started doing pre-production with Fiona.
It all came together in January 2013. We recruited various local musicians to play on the project and it turned out fantastic. Among them were Daniel Pak from Koreionz and Adam Kozie from Pollens.  The songs just got mastered and will be released in early April. As soon as it is out I’ll post audio clips.