This incredible amp has made many visits to the studio over the years. It belonged to my buddy, Ed Otto. I finally talked him into selling it to me. The conversation went something like, “C’mon dude! you know that thing will either gather dust in your garage or get beer spilled in the top at a practice space! Sell it to me and i’ll give it a good home!” I wore him down and now, at long last…IT’S OURS! MOO-HA-HA-HA-HA!

This amp epitomizes rock guitar tone. Nothing puts a smile on my face like plugging in my white Lollar SG straight into this thing and cranking it up. Honestly, I pretty much suck at guitar. But it hardly matters. Just play some chug chug bar chords and slam into a G chord. Ka-blam! For those of you guitarists who have never played through a Marshall half stack, you gotta come by. In fact, I should charge admission for that. Yeah, yeah that’s the ticket!

For you guitar nerds out there, this is a 1974 Marshall JMP Mk II 50 watt amplifier. It has been re-biased for EL34 tubes instead of 6550s. Ed also sold me the 4×12 cab that he loaded with Celestion G12M “Greenbacks” (made in UK). These are lower wattage speakers and are more similar to what would have been available back in 1974. I’m almost as excited about this cabinet. Our Hiwatt Custom 50 and THD Univalve sound pretty incredible through the greenbacks too.

In the last couple of years, we’ve added the 1972 Fender Twin (gorgeous trem and verb), the Swart Space Tone Reverb and now the ’74 Marshall JMP. If it’s not clear to y’all yet, we like electric guitar around these parts. Check out our gear page for a complete list of stuff: MORE EARWIG GEAR